re|lief [ rı`lif ] noun ***
▸ 1 relaxed happy feeling
▸ 2 reduction of pain etc.
▸ 3 something given to someone in need
▸ 4 something with raised surface
▸ 5 right not to pay in full
▸ 6 replacement worker
▸ 7 military help
▸ 8 rest from something difficult
1. ) singular or uncount a relaxed happy feeling you get because something bad has not happened or a bad situation has ended:
It's a huge relief to know that everyone is safe.
breathe/heave a sigh of relief (=feel much happier and more relaxed): We breathed a sigh of relief when Gustav went home.
to someone's relief: To her relief, someone had found the keys and turned them in.
2. ) uncount the reduction of pain or the effects of an illness:
It's a drug commonly prescribed for pain relief.
relief from: The patients experienced no relief from their symptoms.
3. ) uncount food, clothes, and money given to people who are in urgent need of help, for example because of a war or other bad situation:
flood/disaster/earthquake relief
a shipment of relief supplies bound for the Sudan
a ) count or uncount OLD-FASHIONED money given by the government to help people who are poor, old, or unable to work
4. ) count a design or SCULPTURE consisting of a raised surface on a flat background
a ) in relief sticking out above a flat background:
in high/low relief (=sticking out a lot/a little): The images of the children are carved in high relief.
5. ) uncount the right to not have to pay the full amount of tax or interest on an amount of money
6. ) singular a person or group that replaces another person or group that is away from their job or has finished a period of duty
a ) only before noun relating to someone who temporarily replaces another person in their job:
the relief crew
7. ) uncount military help for an army or place that is being attacked or surrounded
8. ) singular or uncount a temporary improvement in or rest from a situation that is difficult or boring, or something that provides this:
The storms continued all night, and the next morning brought no relief.
welcome/much-needed relief: Last night's unexpected win will bring much-needed relief to the team's coach.
light relief (=something enjoyable in a generally serious situation): a little light relief in an otherwise dull program
put/throw something into (sharp/stark) relief
to make something very obvious:
The episode throws into sharp relief the enormous cultural divide between these two communities.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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